Transitioning Beyond MBA

Thoughts on the @MBAmortgage MBA’s future and my reflections

Capital View

This past week the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) announced that they had voted on my replacement as CEO and President. Robert (Bob) Broeksmit was an excellent choice to lead this association in the years ahead.

MBA is the powerhouse that our industry needs in order to effectively represent and influence the key policy issues affecting mortgage finance for both commercial and residential lending. While National Mortgage News did a great job in this article ( highlighting the success of these past 7 years, it also showed Bob’s strong background and thoughtful views and reflected the support from leaders he has coming into the job.

Leaving a job you love is hard for anyone, and these past years have been extremely rewarding. To watch this industry come together and align around some really critical issues where we supported good regulation but fought against creating even more confusion in policy making, where…

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